Automag was formed in 1996 in the rural tobacco farming area of Johnston County, North Carolina. With an arsenal of hard rock, heavy metal and Southern rock, the boys set out into the North Carolina music scene as an obvious outsider.

The music ranges from country style ballads to harsh in your face metal and rock. Initially, many thought the stylistic genre melding would be an issue for audiences who were used to knowing exactly what they were getting. Metal bands only play metal. Southern rock bands only play Southern rock.

Automag has made this type of diversity their trademark and has found a much wider audience than many had originally expected.

“A show should have more than one flavor to it. It’s like a roller coaster, you need to build up to a climax, go over the top of the hill ,and then start climbing the next hill” state’s the group’s signer/guitarist Quinn. “We want to have more than one hill on our ride. There’s no rules to what we do. We’re only interested in making music that we find entertaining and interesting.”


Stan Pruden: Bass and Vocals

Dave Cook: Drums and Vocals

The Mighty Quinn: Vocals and Guitar

Paul McDermott: Guitar